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Your furniture can seem almost like members of your family. This is particularly true of living room and family room seating. But what to do when they start to show enough wear that you find yourself noticing it? At Fabrics Best Buy, we have the perfect solution for you. Let us reupholster your sofas and chair and other seating pieces. It’s much more economical than buying all new furniture and you can keep the comfortable, lived-in furniture that you and your entire family have grown so fond of lounging in. Our Nassau County re-upholsterers can transform your old, lived-in furniture into new looking furniture that retains the same charm and familiarity as they did the day you first bought them.

We offer you so many choices in reupholstering your furniture. Select from a wide variety of fabric options, colors, and patterns. It’s the ideal opportunity to remake your furniture and express your sense of style while not losing all of the comfort that comes from its unique contours and feel. Match your new paint, window treatments, or floor coverings or restore your furniture to a look that mimics its original appearance. The sky’s the limit and our Nassau County re-upholsterers are up to the task at hand.

We have an expert and highly skilled staff and we have our very own workroom, so you can be confident that quality control is in our hands. We know that your sofa, love seat, recliners, and other seating have given your home a special warmth that isn’t matched by replacing it with new furniture. It would lack the character that you’ve grown accustomed to. We will take tender loving care of your furniture and our Nassau County re-upholsterers take pride in returning furniture to you that will take your breath away while at the same time being recognizable as the pieces they are: the ones your family simply will not do without.

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